Retail Investors Don't Care If Stocks Are Up Or Down, They Just Want Out - Record 15th Weekly Outflow From Domestic Stock Funds

Retail threw in the towel weeks ago, which is why at this point confirmation that nobody is trading is like watching reruns of Weekend at Bernies (or GETCO's). ICI reports that the week ended August 11 saw a record 15th weekly outflow from domestic stock mutual funds, this time of $2.1 billion. YTD outflows are now just under $48 billion. Hedge funds are not the only ones who missed the miraculous and completely senseless July stock ramp: retail pulled out $13.1 billion in the same time, and has followed up by redeeming another $4.1 billion in August so far: nothing matters anymore - stocks can go up, they can go down: it is all the same to the one segment of the stock market responsible for the biggest portion of market capitalization. There is no improvement in the trend - retail has no faith in stock valuations, in the SEC, in the possibility that another flash crash won't happen tomorrow. Furthermore, retail is getting older and the retiring baby boomers would rather drink cyanide than put their money in stocks. We wish all the best to the computers and the Primary Dealers - they are now all alone. We dread to even think what cash levels are like at mutual funds.