Richard Koo's "The World In Balance Sheet Recession" Revised, And The Japanese Electricity Shortfall Quandary

Some version of the latest Richard Koo presentation has already circulated in some form or another. The only addition to the core section (which as usual can be summarized with two words: "spend more") is Koo's take on recent developments in Japan, one of which focuses on the historical trade balance in Japan, and the second, far more important one, looks at an issue few have discussed: the role of electricity supply in a post-earthquake Japan. As Koo says, "electricity supply is the bottleneck for Japan's GDP recovery." Indeed, we have yet to hear anyone from Wall Street's rainbow and unicorn drinking brigade come up with an explanation for how this will be circumvented, especially over the summer when the Japanese government predicts a nearly 20% shortfall in electrical supply. And if Japan were to go the alternative route, how long before the current supply/demand equilibrium point in oil and nattie moves materially higher? As for the broader economic impact from the earthquake which is a double whammy, as Koo points, Japanese industrial production has now fallen to the level of 1987. And Wall Street "economists" still believe 2011 global GDP will be unchanged?

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