Roubini Sees No Double Dip In US, Spars With El-Erian

Nouriel Roubini was on CNBC earlier, sparring with Mohamed El-Erian, providing a very indecisive prediction about the future of the US economy. The RGE economist who previously would say the depression is only just starting, is unwilling to commit to a prediction of a double dip for the US, and barely do so for Europe. His anticipation of sub 2% GDP growth in H2 is... higher than that of perpetually optimistic Goldman Sachs, which sees 1.5% H2 growth. So much for swinging for the fences. But when existing subscribers expect to a given set of data, it is quite understandable. It is, nonetheless, good to see that the Doctor read the ConvergEx report we posted some time ago indicating how the Fed, and everyone else calling for a projected reduction in unemployment, are pathological liars: "With 130.2 million people presently employed, that works out to an addition of 385,000 jobs in each month, May through December – and that’s just to reach 9.4%. The low-end Fed projection is 9.3%. Considering the economy  added 290,000 jobs (more on this later) last month, 385,000 seems a touch ambitious to say the least." And this does not include the atrocious May report, which means the economy has to add over 400k real private, non-census jobs a month. This is impossible. At least Roubini admits: "eventually even the US can't outrun a trillion budget deficit for the next ten years." To all speculators: good luck timing the turning point into the last crash. An oddly unsatisyfing clip, but the head to head between Roubini and El-Erian 5 minutes into the clip is amusing: Keynesian vs. non-Keynesian.