The Russell 2000's Highest Beta Stocks

What goes up must come down. And what goes up 3x as fast as the market market, will, eventually go down by a comparable or higher rate of change. With the market having entered its topping formation, China on the verge of a fresh bear market, and liquidity around the world scarce courtesy of a few food-price based revolutions here and there which do more for cash printing resolve than anything else, the HFT algos are starting to be rather concerned just when Chaircreature Ben will announce the QE 2+ expansion (if ever). Below, following up on our new series of fundamentally driven ideas, we present a list of the 41 companies that have a (two year) beta of over 3.0x. Look for the companies to be the biggest casualties on the margin if indeed the Fed is starting to consider its "surging" food price inflation stimulating tentacles from the market.

And a more detailed table with some key fundamental financial data:

As a reminder, here is the list of the Russell 2000 stocks that have the greatest SI/Float ratio.

Source: CapIQ