From Russia With Fire Extinguishers: Interactive Visualization Of A Country On Fire

For all those curious to see just what an entire country on fire looks like, the University of Maryland Fire Information for Resource Management Services provides an interactive map of all currently raging fires in Russia. With Moscow temperatures projected to hit 40 Celsius today (and stay there for at least the next few days), and visibility in the Russian capital down to double digits, now that the surrounding smoke has been blown in via increasing winds, grain exports and surging food prices may soon be the least of the country's worries... at least for those unlucky enough to have been a part of the CIS privatization mafia better known nowadays as Russia's resource tycoon billionaires. All those with Google Earth can download the interactive KML map at the following link. (Google Earth can be downloaded here)

Selected static pics below.

Wildfires in Russia 3

Wildfires in Russia 4

Wildfires in Russia 5

Wildfires in Russia 6