Santelli To Liesman: "Steve, You Fight Like A Girl" (Napoleon Dynamite Cameo Appearance)

In what can only be described as some surreal witches coven, earlier we had Napoleon Dynamite, Dr. Hashimi, ProAm Golf wannabe Champion Kernen, and of course Russian recovery expert Liesman and Koolaid allergic Santelli all together, and going at each other like rabid dogs. While the sideshow was the completely discredited former Fed governor Mishkin accusing Roubini about 10 times of being depressing, with Roubini taking an old adage and applying it to our times, saying that "the weather is the last refuge of scoundrels", the real soundbite was Rick Santelli telling Liesman (about 10 minutes into the video), that "Steve you fight like a girl." Soap opera time.

The fun stuff begins 8 minutes into the clip.