The Second Dot Com Bubble Has Now Burst

It is hard to believe that the first dot com bubble, so vivid to most semi-veteran traders, occurred over a decade ago. What is even harder to believe is that courtesy of the record liquidity bubble created by the Central Planning mafia, 2011 has already seen not only the second dot com bubble, but as the table below demonstrates, its bursting. Of all the dot com 2.0 IPO to hit the market in the past 3 months, the average return is now down 20%, but that has not prevented an underwriting syndicate comprised of the TBTFs to make billions in underwriting fees. Luckily, the fervor that previously had gripped some of the more volatile precious metals, and since spilled over into new public issues, has popped. Incremental cash will now be nearly impossible to get. To all companies that managed to take advantage of momo traders who have a memory of 15 minutes or less, congratulations. To everyone else: get in line for QE3. Wink, wink Groupon.

h/t John Lohman


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