Security Expert Suggests Stuxnet Originated In Israel

More information is starting to emerge about the Stuxnet virus which we discussed extensively previously. Richard Falkenrath, a principal at Chertoff Group, talks to Bloomberg and does a good overview of the impact of Stuxnet, and just how substantial its destructive potential could be. Among his observations is that "it took the resources of a nation state to create this piece of malware." And considering that the ultimate target of Stuxnet infections is Iran, and specifically its Bushehr nuclear reactor, it is not all that surprising that according to Falkenrath the originating country is Israel. The only question is whether Iran also has access to comparable high sophisticated technology (and if so, whether the recent crash in the CFTC's server preventing the disclosure of today's Committment of Trader report has anything to do with it). The amusing bit, is that Iran's nuclear power plant actually does run Windows. Which makes one wonder why go to such great lengths instead of having someone merely remind the host computers that the local version of Win95 is and has always been pirated.

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