SEIU Organizing Protest In Front Of Goldman's D.C. Office At Noon

The Service Employees International Union must not have gotten the revised scriptures. Which is the presumably why the SEIU is organizing a protest at noon in front of the Washington D.C. cephalopod cathedral: "Enough is enough. Join hundreds of taxpayers on November 16th, when we demand that Goldman Sachs give its $23 billion in bonuses to foreclosure prevention programs and press Congress to implement rules that would protect Americans from big bank greed."

The full press release from the SEIU's website:

  • WHAT: High Noon at Goldman Sachs. Taxpayers demand that Goldman stop using our money to pay their bonuses and lobby against us.
  • WHO: Hundreds of workers, religious leaders, and taxpayers from around the country.
  • WHERE: 12:00pm at Goldman Sachs DC office, 101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001.

More on the event from Politico:

Goldman is one of the few large financial firms that early on chose not to lobby against the left’s favorite part of the financial reform package — the creation of a consumer financial protection agency. And most if not all of the major Wall Street players say they agree no firms should be too big to fail and support at least the principle behind Democrats’ proposals to end the "too big to fail" era.


But Goldman and other Wall Street firms are very opposed to a new idea gaining traction on the “to big” front — legislation that would empower the federal government to preemptively break up big, complex or interconnected firms even if they’re healthy. Goldman is a member of a coalition, Partnership of New York City, that will meet with the New York congressional delegation next week to urge their resistance to such measures.

The area in front of the firm's New York headquarters is so far "populist-anger" free, if not "armed-guards" free. The Main-Wall Street schism is getting more acute by the day.