Sell Orders Overwhelm WOPR As 10 Year Recaptures 2.99%

We may have missed the official 8-K, but we are fairly confident that sell orders were made illegal over the past three weeks. That is the only way to explain that out of 30 economic data points in the past month, roughly 3 beat expectations, everything else was a miserable miss, and still the market is 10% higher. Either way, someone is clearly about to be charged with a felony stock selling offense in the first degree, and Eric Holder will personally make sure that vile individual rots in Guantanamo Bay with a daily portion of algorithmic waterboarding for the rest of their miserable lives, for having the temerity to show to others that, yes, even illegal, selling can and will be the right trade in this market which is roughly 70%-100% overvalued. And in other news the 10 Year is back below 3%. Too bad there is no 8 Year point on the curve, or else stocks would be about to reprise the role of Jesus Quintana.