Senate Introduces Legislation To Ban Carry-On Bag Fees Already Instituted By Spirit Airlines

The experiment by Spirit airlines to have flyers pay not only for uncomfortable, crammed cabins but for the first piece of carry one baggage has been closely followed by the legacies and the LCCs, which have all been chomping at the bits to see if this proposal would fly. It appears that public outcry has been vocal enough that the practice is about to be banned. Two democratic senators have introduced legislation prohibiting airlines from charging fees for carry on baggage. It is now time to see if the airline lobby will stretch its wings and do everything in its power to make sure this proposal is killed in its tracks. Judging by how effective Congress and the Senate have been at allowing Wall Street to suicide itself once the next credit bubble implosion occurs, we wouldn't put too much confidence in this bill, especially if some Wall Street firm manages to get involved in the ongoing latest roll up round in the airline industry.

From Bloomberg:

Two Democratic U.S. senators introduced legislation that would ban airlines from charging fees for bags carried aboard planes one week after Spirit Airlines Inc. became the first carrier to announce a charge.

The legislation by Senators Benjamin Cardin of Maryland and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana would assure that items essential to people’s health, work and safety can be carried on board without extra fees, according to a statement today. The bill also would require advance notice of special fees for checked items, according to the statement.

“Only one airline has announced plans to charge for carry- on item fees, but we cannot allow these flood gates to open,” Landrieu said in the statement.

We are just curious when oxygen intake fees are slowly introduced first by airlines, and next by bankrupt municipalities.