Senator Kaufman Blasts Dodd Bill, Says It Gives Regulators "Reshuffled Set Of Regulatory Powers That Already Exist"

We have long said that Delaware Senator Kaufman is probably one of the very few unbought, objective and honest politicians in D.C. His latest speech, "Ending Too Big To Fail" proves this yet again. It is unfortunate that even as the Dodd "reform" bill is about to pass, which incidentally has nothing to do with reform (once again - the only" financial reform" we have gotten since the advent of the Obama administration have been short selling curbs - can't have stocks going down now, can we), and all to do with placating Wall Street interests, who have paid handsomely to the authors of the bill to pretend as if reform is being done, that true activist reforms like Kaufman are being largely ignored. Hopefully after the mid-term elections, politicians from both side of the spectrum, who now blatantly ignore their voters, will finally realize you can avoid the long-forgotten concept of democracy only for so long.