Some Late Night Trading "Buzzkill" From Scopelabs

Gregory Simmons, the energetic force behind Scopelabs, is an unorthodox money manager whose legacy exposure, and subsequent disenchantment, with Wall Street forced him into self-enforced exile (Hawaii is sufficiently far from Wall and Broadway), where he now runs an iconoclast trading operation combining elements of quantitative, technical, fundamental and every other possible analysis. Simmons has been striving to expose the core truths, or flaws depending on perspective, about trading (first and foremost that there is no such thing, especially since the vast majority of market participants end up losing to a few select winners, as a sure thing) which many daytraders simply refuse to accept in their pursuit of gambling nirvana, all the while failing to recognize that perceived skill (especially in our current marketplace) has very little if anything to do with profit. The below video is a suitable introduction for Zero Hedge readers who may not be familiar with Scopelabs: appropriately titled "Buzzkill", in it Simmons debunks several of the key doctrines that dominate the numerous streams of Stocktwits momentum chasers, "theory fitters" and other Koolaid drinkers, all of whom, we have long claimed, have far better odds at success in a rigged casino (and not to mention the downside protection of at least getting comped expenses) than trading in the stock market, absent the "information arbitrage" capabilities of those who, to bastardize Sun Tzu, have made the profit before the initiating trade was ever printed.