Spain To Join Portugal In Issuing Dollar-Denominated Bond

Yet more countries are anticipating the Fed finally killing the dollar sooner or later, as Spain now joins Portugal in issuing dollar-denominated bonds. If Europe's most insolvent countries (granted, Greece has yet to issue $-denominated debt, although we are confident that will happen shortly as well) are getting on board of the asset side of the Fed's balance sheet, it can only mean one thing: the InTrade odds for the winner of the currency race to the bottom are squarely in favor of the US currency. Earlier, the Spanish director of Treasury and financial policy Soledad Nunez, told reporters that Spain may issue a dollar bond via syndication. In a page right out of Greenspan's dictionary Soledad said: ""Usually we syndicate in dollars, and we have not made one yet this  year, and we may do so, maybe yes, maybe no. That is the answer." She added in Alan-speak: "Doing a dollar syndication is always in our strategy, it is always depending on market conditions." Translation: we bet that, at the end of the day, Ben Bernanke will be far more successful in killing his own currency, than those bumbling buffoons over in Luxembourg.


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