Special Report: EU = USSR Redux?

Tuur Demeester submits this comprehensive special report which analyzes the collapse of the Soviet Union, focusing on ten core crashes of the once "evil empire." Subsequently, as he submits: "I make a point by point comparison with Europe today, and come to the conclusion that its situation does not differ all that much with that of the imploding USSR. As a matter of fact, the parallells are often startling. There are plenty of disquieting evolutions going on in Europe today: the riots in the PIIGS countries, the appearingly permanent crisis in the banking world,... Maintaining the status quo is no longer possible, that much is clear. But what will the change look like? Will it be a steady reform, or on the contrary a sudden crash of the European Union and the euro?" For a very original take on the future of the European Union, read on.

Special Report: EU = USSR Redux? (pdf)



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