Spin Me a New Job- Call it What You Want, Stimulus Jobs May Be Just That- Spin.

According to an article published by the Associated Press- in Oregon, for example, lawmakers spent $176 million to supplement federal stimulus and Democrats take credit for creating over 3,200 jobs in the program's first three months.

Associated Press' Ryan Kost writes-

"But those jobs lasted on average only 35 hours, or about one work week. After that, those workers were effectively back unemployed, according to an Associated Press analysis of state spending and hiring data. By the state's accounting, a job is a job, whether it lasts three hours, three days, three months, or a lifetime."

With unemployment rising and many Americans struggle to make ends meet, the "inventive" math/language (to say the least!) encourages the urgency for politicians to show that stimulus spending programs are working, even if it means outright lying.  Or fudging the statistics.

Is anyone surprised at this?

States aside, at the federal level- Obama has been praising how stimulus has created some 150,000 jobs.  Now, how verifiable is this?  Will anyone ever really check and confirm this?  How real are these jobs?  What's your definition of a "job?"

About a dozen other States have launched their own stimulus packages and many others have them in proposition according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, many promising job creation as the result of public spending. 

The numbers, the jobs, and how they're reported do, however, have to set a standard.  The White House does require states to report jobs in "full-time" terms.  For instance- a six month job "digging ditches for stimulus money" only counts for "half a job," but this would mean- the actual number of jobs reported, like in Oregon's case as mentioned, some only lasting a week- well, only a fraction of the over 3,000 reported.  Maybe a few hundred. 

While we can go on and on about good government bullshit, state stimulus and unemployment, but I have to run... I have a job to go to (thankfully for now...). 

I have a lot of friends who are out of work, and they're not finding any anytime soon.  Not at the state level, not at any level.  Part-time, full-time, they're out of work.  Count that as you will.  So- there is no stimulus in my immediate world.

When you hear of job "stimulus" well, it does do just that.  It's stimulating.  It sounds nice. 





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