Spot Gold Surges, UniCredit Sets New 2012 Price Target Of $1,600

Gold is rapidly approaching its all time high intraday high (and someone please inform Dennis Gartman that Gold in euro terms is close to its record again), as spot has surged $12 in a few minutes and is now near $1,260 (record intraday was $1,265 set back in June). In addition to the CHF and the JPY, gold is once again the safety trade. This comes hot on the heels of the recent report issued by UniCredit SpA’s Jochen Hitzfeld, the most accurate gold forecaster tracked by Bloomberg in the last three quarters, in which the analyst raised his estimate for the metal’s average price next year by 12 percent to $1,400 an ounce, and for 2012 to $1,600. As the full report below indicates, the surge will be helped by concern about the effect of government economic- stimulus plans and speculation about increased demand in China, the world’s second-largest buyer after India. Hitzfeld also is so daring as to think what will happen when actual demand, and not central bank interventions, sets the price of gold: "gold supply will increasingly be determined by investors. Twenty years from now, investors will probably find it hard to imagine that there was once a time when jewelry demand determined one of the world’s most important asset classes. If investors were to switch only 1% of the global market capitalization of equities and bonds into gold, at the current gold price of around USD 1,250 per troy ounce, this would translate into demand of 36,000 tons. According to the US Geological Survey, this is roughly equivalent to the known gold reserves. In reality, however, there will be a mix of gold purchases and increases in gold prices. At a gold price of USD 2,500, only 18,000 tons of gold would be required to reach a share of 1%." But you still can't eat the damn thing!

Full UniCredit report