Steve Wynn: "If This Is Good Government Then I Am Mary Poppins"

One of the most scathing reviews of Obama's handling of the economy (but not the stock market) comes courtesy of Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn:

"This administration without any experience is doing more damage than is easy to assess at the moment, but I can tell you I am sure that we are moving in the wrong direction and i say that as half a democrat and half a republican. What we are seeing now just doesn't make sense. The priorities have all been inverted."

The self-professed half democrat/half republican gives a scathing review of the administration's handling of healthcare, of the economy, and of numerous other critical issues.

Wynn, who should know Vegas better than anyone, does not join the Las Vegas analyst cheerleading squad: "We are occupied on weekends but the rates are much lower and what is missing is the mid-week convention and meeting business" and not coming back for an indefinite period of time.

Also some observations on which social class is impacted by Obama the most: "the wealthy can "duck" tax increases, they can postpone income - when the government starts to overtax the economy, as they are in the process of doing, the pain of it is felt by the very people that the politicians claim to be serving: the working middle class. Inflation and devaluation of the dollar is making everybody's buying power who voted for Barack Obama go through the floor."

On the economic system at play in the US:

"The kind of money that is being spent, and the amount of taxes that are directly and indirectly being proposed, are huge. We are seeing socialism-lite here- it would be ok if it worked, it never works. We are now in a position of complete unpredictability with the Obama administration and Congress: i don't know what will happen. I have a sense that if once the public gets the drift and understands what's afoot here, and these bills pass, then there's going to be a very painful midterm election for the democrats."

And the blistering conclusive condemnation:

"It's a pleasure to do business in China: the government is much more even-handed, much more considered, much more gentle than it is here. I feel much more secure as a businessman in China than I do at the moment in the United States of America."

Video courtesy of Fox Business Network:


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