Stock Volume Collapses: Must Be An Up Day

Sure enough, just like every other single up day in recent history when the up volume is a pale shadow of what happened over the past 6 days of concerted selling, today was no surprise. As the MVOLNYE chart below shows, following a day in which almost 4.1 billion shares were traded, we followed up with a complete wash out in volume, as once again it was merely the churners and the vaporware algos that sent the market higher on horrible initial claims data, and a trade deficit number which was only lower than expected due to supply disruptions.... and somehow that is supposed to be good for the economy? As usual, the Wall Street shortbus brigade fails to understand that absent a massive stimulus in Japan, none of the recent weakness, which originates in Japan, will revert to the mean. And so far no stimulus is coming. Which means that the Q2 GDP "strength" due to the beancount GDP boost from artificially lower imports will merely serve to further collapse Industrial Production in future months. But one has to not get paid millions of dollars and work at 60 Wall Street to actually grasp this very simple fact.

MVOLNYE: 3.4 billion: 20% below the average, 743 million less than yesterday. That's all she wrote.

As for what today's VWAP strange attractor was, here it is: the 150DMA, which the robots hope will form an artificial support for the time being.