Summarizing Obama's Undisputed 2010 Numbers

2010 was not a kind year to the president. While Obama's economic policy was prevented from being an all out catastrophe courtesy of two last minute fiscal and monetary stimuli, US unemployment ended the year virtually where it started, a whisper away from 10%: a fact which many believe resulted in the democrats' rout following the midterm elections. And with the unknown variables surrounding the economy on par with a year ago levels, there are a few certian numbers that can be used to describe Obama's term in 2010. Marc Knoller of CBS News breaks down pretty much all of them.

Speeches, statements and remarks: 491

-Since taking office: 883 [ZH: in the spirit of bread and circuses, the US peasantry is at least entertained by Obama's more than once a day on average teleprompter affair since becoming president]


News conferences and press availabilities: 27

-Formal, solo White House Press Conferences: 6

-Since taking office: 69 total, 11 WH.


Town hall meetings: 17

-Since taking office: 40

-Backyard chats: 7


Domestic trips: 65 spanning 104 days

-Since taking office: 111 spanning 176 days


States visited for the first time: 9

-Since taking office: 38


Vacation trips: 6 (all or part of 32 days)

-Since taking office: 10 spanning 58 days


Foreign trips: 6 trips to 8 countries spanning 22 days.

-Since taking office: 16 trips to 25 countries spanning 70 days.


Flights on Air Force One: 172

-Since taking office: 328


Flights on Marine One: 196

-Since taking office: 386


Unemployment Rates:

-January 8 2010: 10 percent.

-December 3, 2010: 9.8 percent.


National Debt in 2010: Up $1.56-trillion

-January 1, 2010: $12.311-trillion

-December 28, 2010: $13.871-trillion


Bills signed in 2010: 203.

-Since taking office: 329.


Cabinet meetings: 6

-Since taking office: 12


Visits to Camp David:

-In 2010: 4 visits, 8 days.

-Since taking office: 15 visits: 35 days.



-Golf: 29 rounds in 2010

-Since taking office: 57 rounds.

-Basketball: 20 basketball outings.

-Since taking office: 28


Interviews: 107 in 2010

-Since taking office: 254


Meetings with foreign leaders: In 2010, President Obama had face-to-face meetings with 61 foreign leaders, 30 for the first time.


Days of no appearances: 24

-Since taking office: 45




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