Suspicious Man In Inflatable Boat With Unknown Device Chained To Neck Close To Surrey, VA Nuclear Power Plant Scrambles Bomb Squad, Sniper Team

From NBC:

Suspicious Man Reported Near Va. Nuke Plant

A man in a boat has a suspicious device attached to himself several miles away from the nuclear power plant in Surry, Va., according to officials.

A Virginia State Police representative said that there is a man on a boat or a raft on the James River, according to WTVR-TV in Richmond.

John Bull of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission said that the Surry nuclear power plant is about 2.5 miles away from where the man is, and that there is no indication that the plant is a target.

The man is in an inflatable boat and drifting with the current, Bull said. He has a metal chain around his neck and the chain is attached to a black box.

At 7 a.m. a commercial crabber was tending to his crabs and noticed the man in the inflatable raft. He went closer but not too close and asked if the man needed assistance, Bull said. The man reportedly said no.

The crabber notified authorities. The Coast Guard and Virginia Marine Police responded immediately.

Bull said officials have a bomb squad and snipers near the scene out of caution. He said they have tried talking to the man, and that he is coherent and lucid at times, but that it does not last for long.

The airspace around the incident is closed, according to WBBT in Richmond, and boaters are being rerouted around the scene.



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