Swiss Franc Explodes As Asia Opens, SNB Intervention Bells Ringing Loud

EURCHF has just taken out all stops as it plunged by almost 60 pips in the span of a few minutes as Japan opens.... Which opened about 2% down... Which goes to show just the idiocy levels of our markets - there was nothing incremental from last night's BoJ decision, so the Nikkei should have been dropping then. But instead it decided to trade way higher and only plunge once Made In New York Atari algos told it it was safe to plunge. Either way, set your alarm clocks to around 5 am, which is when the SNB tends to intervene most often, and have those upside EURCHF stops ready, as the pair is wound so tight it is just waiting for the Hildebrand match: the (very temporary) bounce, which will cost the SNB another CHF10 billion will likely send the CHF about 150-200 pips lower, only to retrace all losses imminently. Either way, tomorrow will be a day of fireworks. Also, time to put on all those way out of the money GTC bids.