Is TD Ameritrade Down?

We received this in our tipline:

I don’t know if this is appropriate for your tip line or if it’s even “news” but TD Ameritrade online access is “down.”  It seems to be the whole system…

Supposedly a technical issue with no forecast for when it will come back up.  They also don’t have a system to automatically notify customers of such issues –or their resolution.

Phone support’s advise agreed that I “should just keep hammering on it.”

In addition to the obvious rant about this status, it’s still another vote for why you should never keep all your assets at any one broker.

We have been unable to confirm it as we get automatically disconnected from TD Ameritrade's new customer contact number: 800-454-9272. If any readers are experiencing the same issues, please advise. If TD is indeed down, we wonder how long before all the other retail brokers follow suit.