As Ten Year Sell Off Accelerates, The Bond World Is Flat

As the 10 Year continues to plunge, the one topic nobody on CNBC is daring to discuss is the absolute slaughter for all those calling for a steeper curve, and the resultant misery that banks are again experiencing as a result. With financials supposed to be the new market leaders one can't possibly bring up the sad truth that as QE2 fails, the US financial system will take the brunt of the hit. And even as Goldman and MS get their wish for a sell off in the 10 Year, unfortunately for them this is accompanied by a less than comparable dumping of the long-end, resulting in an even greater flattening of the curve, and validating our call from last night that the bond world is about to get a whole lot more flat. Lastly, as the 30 Year Cash Pay Mortgage jumps by 20 bps W/W, the result is about a $200 billion loss in home net worth in just one week. The Uberprinter is now torn whether QE3 should be one of monetizing municipals, or, as Bill Gross has been positioning so very well for the past two months, throw it all into MBS once again.

10 Year: