TEPCO Joins Ireland And 130 Other Issues To Be Excluded From Swiss National Bank Repo Basket

With TEPCO stock dropping to a fresh all time record overnight at just over Y300, it is pretty clear what the fate of the company is at this point. What was less clear is the fate of TEPCO debt, of which there is just over $90 billion, and which many had expected would be made whole once the company is nationalized. Well, one entity is not taking a chance. Three months after quietly excluding Irish bonds from its General Collateral basket, the Swiss National Bank, by far the most prudent of all central banks in the current race to the bottom regime, has decide to take out 600 million in CHF-denominated bonds out of the eligible basket. Perhaps this is an indication that at least one investor is not quite so sanguine about the lack of impairment in TEPCO bonds: all those who have been selling TEPCO CDS in hopes of a JGB-TEPCO compression trade may want to take note...

From the SNB GC Basket spreadsheet.

And for those curious what causes SNB exclusion, here's the memo:

SNB Collateral


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