Tepper Increases Citi Position By 66 Million Shares, Sees Additions To Virtually All Top 25 Equity Positions

David Tepper's Appaloosa has released its Q4 holdings. During the quarter the famously bullish investor made some major additions to his portfolio, the most notable of which is the increase in his Citi position from 51.3 million shares to 117.5 million: a 66.2 million increase, which brings the total to $555 million as of December 31. In other words, Appaloosa's bigest position is now the same as that of John Paulson. And that's just the start of Tepper's incursion into financials: the Chatham, NJ fund also increased its holdings in Wells Fargo Perpetual Preferred Convertible stocks from 292,019 to 335,482 shares, bringing the total holding to $336 million, closely followed by the last of the TBTF trinity: Bank of America, which saw an addition of 2.6 million shares to bring the total to 334 million shares. Total equity AUM increased by $1.5 billion between Q3 and Q4 as much cash was deployed to purchase mostly financial stocks. Other notable additions were Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo common, Microsoft, and pretty much all of the top 25 positions. New positions were initiatied in Micron, Dean Foods and United Continental Holdings. In fact the only decline among the top 25 was in Fifth Third Bancorp, which saw an 825,500 share drop in Q4. It seems that the biggest hedge funds are now the holders of pretty much the same stocks: hopefully, just as has been the case over the past 6 months, nobody will ever have to sell, as there is nobody left who is not on the same side of the reflation trade.