Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Such As The End Of H1

In his latest Things That Make You Go Hmmm, Grant Williams dissects the key misconceptions at the end of the first half of the year, and isolates 5 specific topics that were supposed to not be an issue, yet somehow the market completely mispriced, such as 1) High oil prices are NOT going to be a problem, 2) The chances of gold becoming the world’s most important reserve currency in the next 25 years are only slightly better than those of the Euro, 3) A Greek default impacting US banks too severely, 4) The European debt crisis derailing the US economic ‘recovery’, and, "last but not least" 5) The sustainability of Greek debt should the austerity program be voted through and carried out. Williams does not (yet) focus on the key misconception that dominates the speculative stock community as we enter the second half. Luckily, he will have more than enough time to do so when it is disproven in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is TTMYGH with a nice healthy dose of inverse revisionist history.

Hmmm Jun 30 2011