Today's Edition Of The FRBNY's "Flip That Bond" Criminal Reality Show Is Now In The Books, As Primary Dealers Continue To Churn Just Issued Bonds

The Fed's blatant "Flip That Bond" criminal reality show, funded entirely by you, dear taxpayer, continues, and is in fact accelerating. Over the weekend we provided a list of the 10 cheapest bonds that the Fed should monetize based on their relative position on the spline, in terms of cheapness/richness (link) and implied that should the Fed veer away from this list, it would be engaging in what is certainly non-fiduciary activity, by merely facilitating taxpayer rape on behalf of the Primary Dealers who "put" to Sack Frost whatever issue they want, and certainly not the cheapest ones to be monetized by the US taxpayers (i.e., an act that would at least pretend to save some money). Specifically, we said: "The just auctioned off 2.75% of 12/31/2017  is not even among the top 10 cheapest bonds, which means that if on Monday the PN4 makes up for a material percentage of the $7-9 billion buyback, then something is very, very wrong." Well, one look at the final completion list of Today's POMO indicates that it is precisely the just auctioned off PN4 due 12/31/2017 that made up over half of the entire bloody operation! At 4.551 billion (out of a total $8.869 billion in bonds monetized), the Fed actively conspired with PDs to defraud taxpayers by engaging in monetization not of bonds that were cheapest and thus bonds the Fed should have been buying, but merely was taking the other side of the trade in today's version of "Flip That Bond." And so the criminality continues unabated.

In Exhibit A for the criminal behavior by the Fed's OMO desk, the bonds that should have been bought are highlighted in Green. Instead, the flip bond, that was monetized the most, and completely in contradiction to market price dynamics such as supply and demand, is the one highlighted in red.

Oh, and with the S/A ratio well below the average, expect the Dow to close somewhere around 12,000 today as the gang rape of the middle class continues.