Today's Market Action As Predicted By Jim Cramer

Just in case the consensus was that nobody could have possibly predicted today's market action, here is Jim Cramer... proving the consensus was spot on. From CNBC yesterday: "The “Fed said good things,” Cramer said. “Buy.”"

And here are some other recommendations that received the recommendation of not only Cramer, but that other guy from BlackRock.

In stocks, Cramer endorsed BlackRock Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll’s buy call on Intel [INTC  19.39    -0.43  (-2.17%)    ] under $20. While there has been some concern from analysts about falling PC demand, the Mad Money host said investors should be “kind of OK” with INTC as long as the company doesn’t preannounce a shortfall within the next two weeks.

Will someone please advise what is the ticker for a 400x leveraged INTC short ETF?