Treasury Burns Through $82 Billion Cash In April, Down To Just $9 Billion; Adds $53 Billion In Debt In Same Period

In some parallel universe, the Congressional Budget Office is boasting about how its revenues were only x billion less than outlays. We have not seen these numbers, nor do we care: we always and only look at the cash. And so far in April, things are getting scary (almost as scary as March's $333 billion in net debt issuance): The Treasury just reported that its Federal Reserve Account is down to just $9 billion, after starting the month at $91.5 billion, and the year at $108.3 billion: Tim Geithner has burned over $80 billion in cash in just one week, financing aside. This has occurred even as the Treasury has so far recognized about $53 billion in net settled debt, all of its Bills, for net funding deficit of about $145 billion. As we know that almost a hundred billion in Coupons have been issued and pending settlement, as well as another $100 billion + in Bills will settle after this week, we adjust our estimate of net cash burn and believe that total outlays as funded by cash (not much left) on hand and new issuance will hit $300 billion. This delta is also a function of various Trust programs which are now in net need of funding, courtesy of yet another Ponzi scheme created by the great John Maynard Keynes.