True Finns Leader: "Greece Will Default As Efforts To Keep Country Afloat Have Failed"

This does not sound like the sound of European consensus: "The leader of Finland’s euro-skeptic True Finns party, Timo Soini, said Europe’s crisis-handling mechanism “doesn’t work” and Greece will default on its debts as efforts to keep the country afloat have failed. He spoke today in a phone interview with Bloomberg Television." More like the sound of inevitability... We wonder how this will be spun by Trichet. In the meantime, things in carry land are getting worse and worse, as the USDJPY hit 79.60 overnight, a level at which the Japanese economy joins Europe and the US in full contraction mode. The summer of central bankers' discontent is coming fast and furious.

And below is a just released interview with Soiniwho makes it all too clear: European bailouts are "not working."


h/t RK


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