(Turkey in the Straw)


Well his name is Benny Inkjet,

He's just another Wall Street dupe

and both sides of his brain are made of Keynesian poop

His green shoots was false and his teeth was  too

and there really wasn't much that we could do

A Turkey in the Fed

A Turkey in the Fed

A Turkey in the Fed

What did you say?

Roll em twistin up a QE2 guffaw

Just another P-H-D clown called Turkey in the Fed

Well them banksta boys say its safe under good ol' Benny's roof

Likes to snooze while they pour the bonus loot

He says whats the use to screw the golden goose

When you got to spit out most of the subprime juice

A Turkey in the Fed

A Turkey in the Fed

A Turkey in the Fed

Blankfein: "I get a kick out of this" Roll em twistin up a QE2 guffaw

Just another P-H-D clown called Turkey in the Fed...

(WB7: This video documents the precise point when jazz and country split)


CHARLIE ROSE: And what is the story of the turkey?

NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB: In the book, I have the story of a turkey that is fed for 1,000 days by a butcher, and every day confirms to the turkey and the turkey’s economics department and the turkey’s risk management department and the turkey’s analytical department that the butcher loves turkeys, and every day brings more confidence to the statement. So it’s fed for 1,000 days…

CHARLIE ROSE: Gets fatter and fatter and fatter.

NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB: Fatter and fatter. On the day when its comfort will be at its maximum, there is going to be a surprise. There will be a surprise for the turkey.


NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB: There will be a surprise for the turkey’s economics department, all those Ph.D.’s. Will it be — after all, there’s maximum (inaudible)…

CHARLIE ROSE: But it’s not a surprise for the butcher, is it?

NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB: Not a surprise for Charlie Rose as well. Not a surprise for humans. It’s a surprise for the turkey.

So the whole idea here is we are not to be a turkey.




Here in an interesting item on this year's turkflation:

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 12, 2010 – Menu items for a classic Thanksgiving dinner including turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and all the basic trimmings increased about 1.3 percent in price this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

AFBF’s 25th annual informal price survey of classic items found on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table indicates the average cost of this year’s feast for 10 is $43.47, a 56-cent price increase from last year’s average of $42.91. This year’s meal is actually $1.14 cheaper than what shoppers paid two years ago, when the total was $44.61.



B Turk


Gobble Gobble Gobble,



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