The ultimate doomsday chart*

You have a vast amount of gold buried in your backyard and are in the final stages of planning for the imminent collapse of the monetary system, but are also addicted to beef and what troubles your mind is; how can I know will the gold I own buy me enough beef to satisfy my craving. But you despise hunting wild cows which will roam trough vast unpopulated areas where once stood great American centers of finance and power. Worry not; the solution is here; Gold-2-Cow chart. The ultimate doomsday indicator which will allow you to continue your doomsday planning without a worry on your mind. Thank you gecko_X2 for showing me this most hilarious chart ever. If you want to track the chart daily or if you are a gold/livestock hedge fund you can find the chart here.




*this article was created 90% for entertainment purposes, 10% for informative purposes.