UPS Cargo Flight From Yemen To Chicago Stopped In London, Found To Contain Ink Toner Cartridge Converted To Bomb, Two Other Bomb Scares

Update: Officials are concerned passenger flights presently in the air have bombs on them now; Multiple Flights with multiple bombs apparently, just headlines for now.

In addition to a UPS cargo flight from Yemen to Chicago being diverted to London after a bomb was found in a converted ink cartrige, CNN reports of two other planes being checked for explosives, one landing in Philadelphia, and one in New Ark. Was Cashin's prediction earlier of increased terror alerts ahead of Halloween correct? It is unclear as of yet whether the Yemen cartridge was to be delivered to the temporarily empty printer at the Marriner Eccles building.

From the News Of Today:

We earlier reported that authorities at the Philadelphia International Airport, and well as the Newark New Jersey airport were searching three different UPS cargo planes, after they got reports earlier that a toner cartridge had been found on a plane in London which had been converted into an IED.

Earlier a plane which had landed in London from Yemen had a device on it which alarmed authorities. When reports of a suspicious package came into authorities this morning in Philadelphia, they began searching cargo planes in the US to make sure that the IED found on the Yemen to London plane was not part of a widespread terrorist plan. The device found in London was on a plane which was headed to Chicago on it’s next stop.

Officials with UPS have stated, “we are cooperating fully with authorities in Philadelphia. The aircraft has been isolated; the shipment in question is being removed. The aircraft involved is a two-crew member plane. The crew has been safely evacuated.”

Reports have also indicated that a UPS truck has also been stops and the bomb squad is on scene. This is a breaking story, and we will update it as more news comes in.