US Debt Update: 6 Months To Revised Debt Ceiling Breach

Just in case some people forget what the trade off to the market melt up is, today we are starting a periodic daily report of the Treasury's total debt subject to the statutory limit. Today's total: $12,607,140,000,000. We started March at $12,383,717,000,000. We started the fiscal year (October 1) at $11,853,434,000,000. We have added $223 billion of debt in the last three weeks, and $755 billion in just 5 months. As a reminder, the debt limit is $14.3 trillion. We are $1.7 trillion away from the limit. At March's run-rate of about $300 billion per month, the debt ceiling will be breached by  October 2010. If somehow the government manages to reduce the monthly issuance to "just" $200 billion, we have eight and a half months until breach, or January 2011.

Carry on.


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