US Naval Update: Enterprise Is Second Aircraft Carrier To Reinforce Persian Gulf, Kearsarge In Pursuit Of Iranians

In this week's naval update, the focus is naturally once again on the Middle East. After the focus last week was on the Red Sea, where Kearsarge and Enterprise had attempted to block off the Iranian warships, now that the Iranian ships have passed into the Mediterranean, LHD 3 Kearsarge is hot on their heels, and will likely pass the Suez any minute. At the same time the Enterprise has joined the recently redeployed CVN 70 Carl Vinson, both of which are now reinforcing the Persian Gulf and specifically the Straits of Hormuz. It appears that the US is now firmly focusing on the Iranian theater of operations. Lastly, LHD 4 Boxer has just left SanDiego "for a scheduled seven month deployment to the US 7th and 5th fleet." Good luck getting to Bahrain in time.

Source: Stratfor