US Prices First Sub-3% 10 Year Bond Since November

Today's 10 Year bond (CUSIP: QN3) priced at a solid 2.967%, just wide of the when issued 2.961%, the lowest high yield since November's 2.636% when QE2 was starting (in the form of POMOs, QE2 had long been priced in). The Bid To Cover confirmed the strength of the auction coming at 3.23, a jump from May's 3.00, and higher than the LTM average of 3.10. Indirect Bidders for the first time in 3 months surpassed 50%, taking down 50.6%, with Dealers allotted 41% and the remaining 8.3% going to Directs. Look for QN3 OTR to dominate POMOs over the next 2 weeks. Since there will likely be at most two more 10-year focused buybacks, Dealers will be able to promptly flip this bond to the Fed. As for next month, when the US is on the verge of a full blown default, it is unclear what happens.


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