Victory For The Fed As 10K Holds; Volume Surges On Unchanged Market

In a day in which volume surged to one of the highest total days in all of August, if not the summer, the FRBNY's Brian Sack can claim victory: Dow closed above the ridiculous 10K level, which for some ungodly reason everyone in the administration sees as the Maginot line of the depression. And despite the spike in volume, the market closed virtually unchanged on the day, even as futures go nuts after hours where it has once again become a felony to sell or put on shorts. Confirming that the market is totally, irrevocably broken, the HY index closed at the day's wides, as futures closed at the highs. Calling this robotic farce a shitshow is an insult to shit and to show. And will the last guy out at Liberty 33 please turn off the "buy everything" program currently raging in the AUDJPY. We got the memo: the FRBNY is in charge.