Visual Summary Of The World's High Net Worth Individuals

With a record 44 million Americans collecting foodstamps, the topic of a systemic and systematic class divides (especially now that Mort Zuckerman picked up on some of the very troubling developments to Marxists everywhere, first caught by Zero Hedge) will only get increasingly pronounced, and of all troubling trends in global finance, is likely the one to be the catalyst (as it always has in world history) for less than peaceful class upheavals. We have written extensively on the topic in the past (here and here), although for those new to this theme, below is a chart from the Guardian which effectively summarizes the snapshot distribution of the world's wealthiest at the end of 2010. As the bottom chart shows, the aftereffects of the financial crisis may be here to stay for 99% of the population... but not for the world's wealthiest 1%.

Source: Guardian


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