Visualizing Hope

The chart below present the change in reported and projected corporate Revenues and EPS (excluding financial companies), and highlights the dramatic improvement in the economy expected by analysts over the next 2-3 quarters. In the next quarter things for companies get dicey with both revenue and EPS expected to be flat with Q4 of 2008. Whether or not this is attainable will be seen shortly. Yet where it does get just a little amusing, is 2 and 3 quarters in the future, when EPS are projected to increase by 23% and 20% respectively, while everyone hopes sales can wave a magic wand, and with skeleton crews of employees and no growth capex investments, are assumed to grow by 11.2% and 9.5%. Additionally, analysts are now forced to actually really ramp up their expectations in order for stocks to grow incrementally from here. If readers believe that corporate revenues in Q1 of 2010 can grow sales by more than 10% from Q1 2009 (while continuing to fire people), then by all means, buy stocks.