Visualizing The Insider Selling Spree: Bob Toll Takes First Prize... As Does Bill Gates

It seems like yesterday that Bob Toll was propounding the benefits of stimulus packages for housing and the ever improving status of new home sales (solidly grounded in the same sands as Dubai is now sinking into). Yet while we at Zero Hedge have enjoyed taking repeated stabs at Mr. Toll's seemingly endless selling of his own stock, we have not learned our lesson. Which is why we present his insider transaction in a new and original way, courtesy of Bloomberg. As the image indicates, Mr. Toll's money is roughly 180 degrees from where his mouth is.

Yet Bob is an amateur when compared to such prominent patriots as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, both of which have repeatedly stated their support for the good ole' US of A. Indicatively, we present the most recent transactions by both Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett in BRK/B shares. This insider trading pattern is comparable for most other holdings of these two truly patriotic gentlemen.

Mr Buffett:

And Mr. Gates:

We encourage readers to request the insider trading activity of their personal favorite corporate executives. We will post the 10 most entertaining ones.

Update: due to several requests, here is all the insider activity in Goldman Sachs shares. As a reminder: red means stop... and in this case, sell.


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