Wall Street "Animal Spirits" Stampede Across the River

Anyone see 60 Minutes last night?  The story about the animal migration across the Mara River in Kenya?  All the Wall Street particpants were there.  And this morning they were stampeding back into the "inflation" and "re-risking" trade once again.

Despite the warnings from Nouriel Roubini, despite the crash warnings from the survivalists who have suddenly become expert market technicians, etc., the market was ramped up on a Goldman Sachs upgrade of a few bank stocks, and that was enough to get the "Animal Spirits" going.

Here's a picture of the Wall Street Herd crossing the river called the 50-day EMA:


And here are some of the participants:

Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab, Barclay's, etc.


TIAA-CREF, Harvard Endowment, Gates Foundation, CalPERS, etc.


Myriad Hedge Funds, Bucket Shop Players, etc.


Various 19-year old enterprising speculators, daytraders, action junkies, etc.


Goldman Sachs Prop Desk Traders lying in wait:


As soon as it was evident that the oft-predicted October Crash was not going to happen just yet, and the 50-day was not going to be broken today, the herd immediately jumped in and wildly bought stocks....


Meanwhile, here's a hapless retail daytrader who was caught on the wrong side of the river, overmargined with a short position, being devoured by a Goldman Sachs Prop Trader:


Just another day in the jungle, buying the worst stocks possible.

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