Wall Street "Reform" For Neanderthals, Or Donk Goes Full Retard

The White House has released a video (in HD cause its so damn cool, and with subtitles for those immigrants among you who don't quite understand the Enlgish) for idiots who still don't grasp that Wall Street reform is nothing but a farce almost as unabashedly idiotic as the early Friday release of the Farce Test coming out of a thoroughly bankrupt Europe, which will find that of 91 banks on the old continent, only 10x bankrupt Hypo is undercapitalized, and all the Greek banks are perfectly solvent. Right. Whatever. And in keeping with the tradition of Keynesianism for Kretins (sic) released previously by the Goldman HoldCo better known as the New York Fed, the administration has now realized that the only way to touch its intellectually challenged constituency is by summarizing its achievements in cartoon format, easily viewable on an iPhone. Coming soon - "Why Shutting Down Tendentious Blogs Is Great For The Children" in 3-D IMAX. The explanation provided by the "White House" for this pathologically moronic cartoon is: "A quick and simple animated explanation of how Wall Street Reform will work and what the strongest consumer protections in history will mean for you and your family." And yes, this comes from your ruling elite.