Watch Bloggers Discuss Blogging At The Milken Institute Conference

If your one dream in life has been to hear four bloggers (well more like the MSM posing as bloggers since the "blog" arms of Reuters and DebtWire, pardon the FT, the first is the truly profitable business of the FT, don't strike as unconflicted - you never know, all those $20 CPM ads may get insulted and say goodbye, while the other two are a "contributor" and an "independent" so we are not exactly sure where in the food chain it puts them aside from "thinktank" panels) in this case John Carney, Felix Salmon, Heidi Moore and Stacy-Marie Ishmael discuss blogging, online media and "The Frontier of Financial Journalism" together, today is your day. The four sat down at the Milken Institute Global Conference today, and the following 74 minutes are what ensued. The topic covered was Zero Hedge. Some interesting observations. Some not so interesting. Among these, is that over 120,000 daily "Hills" viewers salute Heidi Moore. Another, is that we (erroneously) thought groupthink disguised as "original thought" only permeated the pages of VIC and the hedge fund community.

And, for the fact-checking record, nobody at Zero Hedge has ever spoken with the "independent" John Carney, regarding HFT, or anything else. But we appreciate the mythologization.

Full video after the jump.