Watch Day 2 Of Bernanke Testimony, This Time Before House Financial Services Committee

Barney Frank quizzing Ben Bernanke has got to be the funniest thing one can see today. So here is your chance to laugh. While not expected to say much if anything of note, using the same testimony as yesterday, Bernanke may engage in a few Freudian slips before the Frank, who has already asked the key question - should the Fed engage in more bond buying in light of the oil price spike. Don't expect a response. From C-Span: "Today, the House Financial Services Committee can expect to hear more of the same from  Bernanke as he appears before lawmakers for the second time this week. They will likely question the Fed Chief on what the Central Bank is doing to jolt the economy into increased recovery. Committee members will also want to continue yesterday's line of questioning on how the Fed is reacting to oil prices that have been going up up up in the wake of unrest in the Mideast and North Africa."

Watch the live webcast here: