Watch As Republicans Cut Off Obama Impersonator's Microphone After He Makes Fun Of Michele Bachmann

A republican-organized roast at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside headed by comedian Reggie Brown, meant to poke fun at democrats broadly and the president in particular, turned horribly wrong, after the comic flipped the tables and after joking at Obama's expense for a good 15 minutes, decided to take some well-deserved stabs at republican candidates. After telling the crowd that as president Obama, who had a black father and white mother, he celebrated half of Black History Month, and naturally joking at Weiner's expense, he went on a less than welcome rampage, saying if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney were to become president, he would have his "first lady, second lady, third lady". Brown also said former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty missed the conference because he was having his foot removed from his mouth, adding that the operation would be covered under President Obama and Mr Romney's respective healthcare reforms, along with spinal transplants. Yet when Brown launched into a gag about Tea Party stalwart Michele Bachmann, his microphone was cut off, the music swelled and the comedian was ushered from the stage.

Must watch comedy.

Source: BBC



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