Weak $29 Billion 7 Year Auction Prices At 2.25%, Bid To Cover Drops

The series of increasingly weak Treasury auctions continues with today's 7 Year $29 billion offering, which just priced at a 2.25% high yield. The yield was a materially higher 28 bps compared to October's 1.97%, and shows that the peak of the curve belly, the point that recently was most desired, is now being shunned the most. The Bid To Cover slumped to an 8 month low 2.63, the lowest since March's 2.61. And most notable, indirect bidders have come at an 8 month low as well, taking down just 42.2%, forcing Primary Dealers who have traditionally have a backseat role in stabilizing the 7 Year to step up and buy almost a majority of the auction (and 57.8% when including Direct Bidders). Now that as (so far only) Zero Hedge disclosed the Fed is the biggest holder of US Treasurys, we expect to see ever decreasing interest by foreign bidders in auctions going forward, especially in the belly, where the Fed will soon be the main holder of securities.


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