Weekly Chartology

Goldman's David Kostin continues to pitch the firm's recent "SIRP" investment strategy, highlighting that while the S&P was down 0.6% in the past week, the recommended trade of buying low operating leverage companies (long <GSTHOPLO> / short <GSTHOPHI>), was up 1.5%, while a recent push into dividend payers resulted in a 1.2% move higher in the firm's dividend growth trade (long <GSTHDIVG> / short SPX). Some other observations in this week's summary chartology: "Companies with low operating leverage have less risk to their earnings outlook from lowered revenue guidance than stocks with high operating leverage. Shortfall in mature market consumer PC demand caused Intel to cut its 3Q 2010 sales guidance by 5% and gross margin by 100 bp to 66%, implying a GAAP EPS cut of 10.5%."