Weekly Chartology And The Amazing Levitating Corporate Profit Margins

The core topic of this week's chartology (in addition to all the charts that Goldman sees it fit to print), is the amazing never shrinking corporate margin, which continues to hit new all time highs, despite a "tepid economy" and surging input costs. As Goldman's David Kostin points out, it primarily has to do with the ability of companies to gradually pass on costs to consumer, indicating once again that the primary variable in this economy has nothing to do with the jobs picture, or even wage inflation (a key variable that many have said is necessary for inflation to return), but with the ongoing green light by the administration and big banks to allow a substantial number of Americans to live mortgage free (as disclosed previously up to 900 days in the states of New York and New Jersey, a number which actually is 7 years if one considers the backlog in the judicial system, as we will shortly demonstrate), thus removing the primary use of funds for the American household, and allowing a substantial demand price inelasticity for key consumption products such as gasoline, and iPads. As long as the deadbeat rent component in the economy is in the high double digit billions, it will translate in quarter after quarter of surprise margin beats, and latent price increases which for lack of a better word translate into inflation.

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