Weekly Insider Selling To Buying Ratio: 565x

It has been a while since we refreshed the relentless insider selling rush. So it was good to see there were no surprises in the latest Bloomberg reported S&P 500 insider selling and buying. In the week ended May 6, there was $1.2 million worth of purchases, primarily in PBCT and NDAQ (some insider seems to think there is a possible upside catalyst here, ahem NYSE-deal), with a total of 10 insider purchases in the week. This was offset with a meager 165 insider sales, totalling $650 million, for a selling-to-buying ratio of 565x. The biggest selling occurred in GOOG, Praxair, Waters Corp, Campbell and Equity Residential. And while there are those who claim it is perfectly normal for insiders to cash out promptly without regard for the message sent to other shareholders, even Barrons' noticed the massive spike in selling in recent weeks, noting that any selling to buying ratio over 20 is bearish based on its limited universe of stocks. So, what about 565?


Full breakdown of insider transactions:


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